The first thing that caught my eye when I started checking out Toronto Island online was the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse near Hanlan’s Point, one of Toronto’s oldest surviving buildings.  When fellow photoblogger Cindy Taylor over at Photos from the Loony Bin also suggested seeing the lighthouse, I knew it was at the top of my list if my work schedule allowed.  Although it was a bit hotter than anticipated on Friday afternoon, our meetings finished with just enough time to allow for a quick trip to the Island before our flight home.

Built in 1808, the lighthouse was originally on the edge of the island.  However, over time, sand built up around the lighthouse and it’s now quite a bit inland.  It was hard to get a full photo of the lighthouse due to the trees surrounding it, so I focused on the gorgeous red door and took tighter shots.

What do you think?  Do you have any cool lighthouse pics to share?

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse Photo #1.  A shot of the six-sided base of the lighthouse and the cool, red door.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse Photo #2.  A close-up of the weathered, red door and metal ring.

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  1. The first shot is wonderful, it feels like the beginning of a story about to be told.

  2. Yayyyyy, my haunted lighthouse. My Dad was just telling me that the reason it became known as haunted is because the lighthouse keeper disappeared and was thereafter only seen as a ghost. I was always interested in stuff like that, and when I was a kid I never missed the opportunity to ride over on my bike to take a look. Unfortunately, I never saw his ghost :).

    • Haunted, I know! We enjoyed reading that on the side of the lighthouse. Reading more about it online it sounded like the lighthouse keeper was murdered by two soldiers after he cut them off from a beer barrel as they were getting too drunk.

      Thanks again for the tip! We enjoyed seeing it!

  3. Love that red door! Fab shots. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh gorgeous!! Love them both! Lighthouses are my favorite 😀

    • I really want to spend some time up in New England taking shots of lighthouses based upon a lot of pics I’ve seen from photobloggers from Maine and that area.

      • Oh I know! I love lighthouses, we have quite a few up here, but I haven’t had a chance to photograph them yet 🙂 When William gets back we’ll probably venture around, he motivates me 🙂

      • Can’t wait to hear he’s made it home safely and see his handsome mug on your blog very soon! 🙂

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