July 16, 2012


Since it was basically a toss-up between the original shot and the black and white shot with selected color on this post from a few days ago, I’m sharing this shot of my oldest daughter without any further effort on my part.

Little known fact:  Gretchen has a twin brother who hates getting his picture taken.  He politely declined letting me shoot him by the lake in the waning sunlight, but he has appeared on my blog so far this year in a few ways.  Check out Finally Prepared, Checkmate, and Tennis, Anyone? for a glimpse of Patrick.

An even lesser known fact:  Today the Twinners turn 14.  Happy Birthday, Twinners!

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  1. You’d better watch out! You’re going to have the boys knocking down the door any day now, if you don’t already. She’s beautiful!! I have two boys and neither one of them will let me take photos of them :(.

    • I’m glad my son isn’t the only one. About once a year, he will tolerate a photo shoot with this sisters outside so I can have updated pictures of all four kids. He barely smiles the whole time, but we manage. The girls on the other hand? Huge hams, all three of them!

  2. Lovely capture, she is a beautiful young lady. I admit this made me chuckle, my son is 17 and is precisely the same, I have 2 photos of him so far this year is all.

  3. Beautiful portrait of your daughter, and happy birthday to the both of them 🙂

  4. Awww happy birthday to your babies 😀 She’s so beautiful! Oh my goodness! I do have a harder time getting pictures of guys, but my brothers do photograph so much better than I do so I just attack them and they deal with it HAHAHA! Thank you for the inside look on your son and I hope you all had a fun day 🙂


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