I’m a little late in getting this image posted, but this was a cupcake from my daughter’s birthday party.  No, I didn’t make the cupcakes, I bought them because her party was the day after I arrived home from Toronto. You Might Also Enjoy: Gigi Last Morning Walk Along Toronto Harbour

While taking photos of a garden near Sar-Ko-Par Lake in Lenexa, I saw this bug on a cucumber flower.  It looks kind of like a firefly to me, but who knows what it really is? You Might Also Enjoy: Butterfly on a Coneflower in Franklin’s Children Garden on Toronto Island Babysitting Chickens One Thing, Three […]

The sunset over Shawnee Mission Lake was absolutely gorgeous.  How lucky for me I also stumbled upon a fisherman at the end of the day. You Might Also Enjoy: Evening Fish Wordless Wednesday:  The Catch

What a sweet, inspiring way to end the day:  turn down service at Hotel Zaza. You Might Also Enjoy: Two Words:  Turn Down Service Hotel Zaza

I am on a quick, but unexpected trip to Dallas for work.  It was dark when I arrived Sunday night, but I loved the throw pillows at Hotel Zaza so this is my shot of the day. You Might Also Enjoy: Dallas Fish Market My Ride Home

I encountered this frog on a recent walk at Lake Lenexa. You Might Also Enjoy: Creepy Crawlies I Went All the Way to Miami…

On Monday, the Twinners turned 14.  Just four days later, my youngest turned six.  In honor of Sofia’s birthday, here’s a recent shot of her and our kitten, Canyon.  We get a kick out of the way Canyon sits on our laps on his back like a human. You Might Also Enjoy: Mini Marilyn Monroe […]