August 1, 2012


Before I started my 365 project, I never noticed these purple wildflowers.  While I still don’t know what they’re called, I can tell you that the leaves are as sharp as they look. (I have run into several this summer, mostly while trying to capture butterflies.)

And they are even kinda cool looking when they are well past their prime…

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  1. Oooh if you find out what they’re called I’d love to know. I tried to capture these on my phone last week (at least I think they are the same flowers). It was so difficult because it was quite breezy and they kept moving around. I love the beautiful lilac colour though! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. They look like a variety of thistle similar to something we have here. I think they’re gorgeous! I love how you’ve captured the blossom as well as it going to seed; I think both stages are lovely and, personally, I think the second photo is what photography is all about.

  3. that’s thistle of which there are many types…butterflies like the nectar and the seeds are great for the birds.

  4. Oooo I love that second photo! Really beautiful

    • Thanks, Wanna Be! They are pretty cool looking wildflowers and I NEVER noticed them before I started carrying my camera with me everywhere this year. It’s amazing what you see when you have your camera perpetually by your side!


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