August 3, 2012

Locks of Love

Recently the girls and I climbed the Shawnee Mission Park Observation Tower.  Well, I went part way.  I’m terrified of heights and there were several other folks climbing the tower, too.  I could feel it moving, and I only made it up a few flights of stairs.

I did come across this “love padlock” on one of the fence walls which reminded me of the Pont des Arts over the Seine in Paris near the Notre Dame.  As a bonus I’ve added two shots of that, one from two years ago, and one from last Fall.  It’s amazing to see how much the locks have filled in the space across the bridge in just about a year’s time!

US flag lock on a fence wall of the Shawnee Mission Park Observation Tower.

“Locks of Love” along Pont des Arts near Notre Dame in Paris, July 2010.

Many more “locks of love” on Pont des Arts in October 2011.  

I had my bridges mixed up.  The photos above, taken from a bridge full of locks with Notre Dame in the background were taken from Pont de Notre Dame and not Pont des Arts.

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  1. There’s a bridge like that in Florence, Italy too – called Ponte Vecchio! I also didn’t know Shawnee Mission Park had an observation tower – I may have to check that out sometime!

    • Check out that wikipedia link in the post, I guess there are several places like that around the world. I had no idea until I was reading somethings on line before making this post!

  2. Cool! I have some love locks shots coming up in my travel blog soon. 🙂

  3. That’s awesome! I love those things 🙂


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