August 7, 2012

Images of Drought

Like much of the middle part of the country, Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA has been suffering from oppressive heat and no rain for many, many months.  The weather seems to have taken a toll on everyone  and everything, from farmers to suburban landscaping, from rivers and creeks to the wildlife that depends on them.

Drought Photo #1.  A crispy view along the Nelson Island trail.

Drought Photo #2.  This goose with a bad wing is the only one that remains at a favorite lake in south Overland Park.

Drought Photo #3.  The leaves that remain on the trees are curled up and turning brown like this one.  This shot also shows the lower water level of the lake visible in the background.

Drought Photo #4.  All that seems to be flourishing in the woods are spider webs. 

Drought Photo #5.  A few water lilies clinging on to the not yet dried mud are all that remains of this wetland area near Lake Lenexa.  Just a few months ago in March, this entire area was full of water, heron, geese, ducks, and other wildlife.

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  1. Such sad photos, I can’t bring myself to “like” the post. Our poor world!

    • It is heartbreaking. This is one of the few posts where I didn’t ask which pic folks liked best, because they should like none of them. I want the wetlands, creeks, lakes, and rivers back to normal and for the critters to return.

  2. I don’t feel very good about ‘liking’ photos of drought. But, hopefully, you know what I mean.

    • I totally understand. That’s why this is one of the only posts all year where I didn’t ask “Do you have a favorite below?” While we still have had essentially no rain, the good news is that the weeks upon weeks of 100F+ temps appear to be waning. And there’s a 60% chance of rain today. My fingers are crossed!

  3. Thank you for the empty web shot lol 😛 I’m so sorry to hear about the lack of rain! My family in Colorado have been saying the same thing. I think we got all your rain this year haha! It took us so long to get hot weather and clear skies up here ugh. I’ll gladly send the rain your way when it gets here lol


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