Three random shots during an otherwise uneventful walk through Ernie Miller Park.

What do you think?  Any tips, tricks, or feedback on the photos below?

Ernie Miller Park Photo #1.  I took a few shots into direct sunlight with my new filter.  While this was my favorite, I feel mostly lukewarm about it.

Ernie Miller Park Photo #2.  I liked that I could hike up a steep incline on this side of the bridge in order to get a different perspective than all of the other bridge photos I’ve taken so far this year.  I would like this shot better if there was more than a trickle of water beneath the bridge.

Ernie Miller Park Photo #3.  This may be my favorite shot from the day.

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  1. They’e all good. How about trying black and white?

  2. My favourite shot is no.2, I like the composition. Have you tried taking different exposures of the same photo and then blend them in Photoshop ? I’m asking because these photos are good candidates to try this. Not that they’re not fine, they’re beautiful, but blending different exposures of the same photo really enhance the photo. You’d need a tripod though.

  3. I love these! These could look great in black and white too! Because the sun isn’t really in the shot you could do more of an eerie shot. I’m trying to play with black and white, because I’m a colored photo girl hahaha! I think they are beautiful though 🙂


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