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    • Thanks, Edith! What are your thoughts on me trying to Photoshop the photographer to be more of a true silhouette in this shot?

      • I actually like her the way she is. You can try it and see how it looks. Create a new overlay layer in photoshop and tick the box “fill with overlay – neutral color 50% grey” click ok and then use the brush tool (set to black) to darken the form. Play around with the opacity till you get the look you want.

  1. Oh my oh my. That is wonderful.

    • Thanks so much, Kevin! Would you leave this shot as is (as I’ve done here), or would you use Photoshop to make the photographer appear as more of a true silhouette?

      • I love the way it is however, it would set nicely as a silhouette. I worry the the changing her more of a sihouette would effect the other dark areas in the image. But again, I still learning my editing software 🙂

      • And I barely know enough about mine to add my watermark! 🙂

        It might be fun to play with if I get a few minutes.

  2. Wow ! How wonderful, it’s breathtaking !

    • Thanks so much! I was wondering about the photographer. Would you let her as is (as I’ve done here) or Photoshop her to make her more of a true silhouette?

      • It’s hard to say, sometimes we think it’s going to look better in a certain way and when we try it it’s not. I think it’s great like that, but maybe a silhouette would look even better. It would softly blend the photographer into the image.

      • I will have to play with it some in Photoshop when I get a few minutes. Thanks for your suggestion!

  3. Oh my gosh the colors are awesome!!! Love the orange! Who is that sitting there?


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