Like several urban areas, Paris has a 24/7 self-service bike rental experience that allows you to rent from and return to any stand around the City.  I hope I get a chance to give one a whirl before I go home. You Might Also Enjoy: Going Nowhere Fast Paris:  Mixed Messages Paris:  Roller Skating Down […]

Some background on this post: I love the pedestrian crossing signs in France.  They are so cute and different than the ones in the US. I’ve recently learned how to cut out images, create a transparent background, and combine images in Photoshop. So, look at what I can now create in my spare time! And […]

As I can fit it around business meetings this week in Paris, my goal is to either: visit places of Paris that I’ve never seen before or visit things that I haven’t seen since my childhood visits to this beautiful city with my parents. Lucky for me, the Luxembourg Gardens — home to the Luxembourg […]