As I can fit it around business meetings this week in Paris, my goal is to either:

  • visit places of Paris that I’ve never seen before or
  • visit things that I haven’t seen since my childhood visits to this beautiful city with my parents.

Lucky for me, the Luxembourg Gardens — home to the Luxembourg Palace — meets my criteria and is absolutely  gorgeous!

Luxembourg Garden Photo #1.  The Luxembourg Garden contains just over 100 statues, monuments, and fountains, including this one titled Marius on the Ruins of Carthage which sits in front of the French Senate.

Luxembourg Garden Photo #2.  The Luxembourg Palace is the seat of the French Senate.  It is surrounded by 25 acres of green lawn, flower beds, fountains, and statues.

Luxembourg Garden Photo #3.  A few of the Palace from the west.

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Join the conversation! 13 Comments

  1. You must know how jealous I am of you right now 🙂

    • Ha! Please know that it IS a business trip this week (not next) and I am actually working quite hard despite having a few hours on Sunday to see the City as well as a few hours each night. Does that help?

    • Thank you! Do you have a fav of the three?

      • I like the first particularly. It’s a very good composition. The statue provides a point of interest but you haven’t placed it in the centre which is good. The eye is then drawn to centre of the photo following the ballustrade behind the statue where there is further interest and some great angles. 🙂

  2. 3/4 Discover something new, 1/4 reminisce the past.

    The capture is genius!

  3. Wow!!! The composition of that first shot is just fabulous. I love it :).

  4. Oh my gosh it is all sooooo gorgeous!! I love these 😀


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