I find it difficult to capture the beautiful Parisian buildings in a way that does them justice.  When I see them in person, I am in awe of their beauty.  I love the iron balconies that are usually adorned with window boxes overflowing with red geraniums.  However, when I look at photo after photo of my captures of the buildings, my emotion is more “meh” (with a typical French shrug).

Of the hundreds and hundreds of photos I’ve taken of French buildings over the years, this photo stood out from the rest.  While it doesn’t have many of the window flower boxes I love so much (maybe it’s a hotel instead of a residence), I think it’s the interesting angle and the spotlight of sun streaming through from the left that made it different.

Does anyone have any great tips for capturing French buildings while I still have some time to put the advice to good use?

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  1. Oooh yes, I love this one too!!

  2. Hope you’re enjoying your time in Paris! I always have the same photo problem with Parisian streets; the wow factor I felt in the moment doesn’t always travel back home with me when I go to upload my pics.

    I’m no photography expert but one (simple) piece of advice that comes to mind is to simply take more photos. Just as some shots lose their magical luster after the fact, other scenes that you maybe weren’t 100% in love with at first take on more meaning or reveal something you didn’t see amidst the distraction of being there at the time.

    Also I think composition is key, and it’s what pops out for me in this picture, for two reasons: first, having the architecture in your face and consuming almost the entire shot makes us focus on what’s so great about Parisian buildings — that rhythmic repetition and harmony. Secondly, the conflicting angles of the two buildings for me adds a sort of agreeable conflict, as if they were just two pedestrians bumping into each other on the street.

    Anyway that’s my two cents, thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your stay!


    • Dear French Frye, Thanks for your advice! I’m certainly doing my best to take as many shots as I can during my two weeks back in this beautiful country! 🙂

  3. I agree; it’s frustrating when you just cannot capture the image you want.

    • Very! And it is also frustrating that I cannot make a 4×6 capture take me back to that full experience in a more realistic way! 🙂


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