Some background on this post: I love the pedestrian crossing signs in France.  They are so cute and different than the ones in the US. I’ve recently learned how to cut out images, create a transparent background, and combine images in Photoshop. So, look at what I can now create in my spare time! And […]

As I can fit it around business meetings this week in Paris, my goal is to either: visit places of Paris that I’ve never seen before or visit things that I haven’t seen since my childhood visits to this beautiful city with my parents. Lucky for me, the Luxembourg Gardens — home to the Luxembourg […]

Le Jardin due Luxembourg is the garden of the French Senate which is housed in the Luxembourg Palace.  Le Jardin is the second largest public park in Paris and famous for its calm atmosphere.  The garden contains more than 100 statues, monuments, and fountains, including a large octagonal basin in the center where children sail […]

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After getting settled in at the hotel on the western edge of the city, our jet lagged team had to drag ourselves into the city to find a place that was open on Sunday for a late lunch.  As we were enjoying our croque madames and boissons froids (served in glass bottles) at an outdoor […]