Gargoyles are carved spouts of animals and other fantastic creatures used to redirect water from the roof of a building away from the side of the building out of the gargoyle’s mouth.  They are quite common on castles, churches, and other structures throughout Europe.  Here are a few of my favorite gargoyle shots from France. […]

While there are a lot of beautiful buildings with a lot of beautiful views in Paris, this apartment building one flight of stairs down from the right side of Sacre Coeur seems to be one of the best of the best. You Might Also Enjoy: Paris:  Beautiful Buildings Paris:  What’s for Dinner? Paris:  Roller Skating […]

From the immense, historic Louvre to the hills of Montmartre, Paris is known for its art and artists.  Here are three of my favorite shots of artists at work in Paris. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Paris Artist Photo #1.  In the heart of Montmartre, where Dali, Picasso, Monet, and […]

I hope you are enjoying my photos from Paris, because over the course of the two weeks I was in France, I took thousands of shots.  I’ve already posted nearly two week’s worth of images on this site.  On the flight home yesterday, I spent eight hours sorting through the images, organizing and prepping just […]

One of the most controversial graves in Pere Lachaise Cemetery is that of Jim Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors who died in the early 1970s at the young age of 27.  The grave has experienced a constant stream of vandalism over the years, including graffiti and theft.  This site does a great job […]