One of the most controversial graves in Pere Lachaise Cemetery is that of Jim Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors who died in the early 1970s at the young age of 27.  The grave has experienced a constant stream of vandalism over the years, including graffiti and theft.  This site does a great job of providing a visual history of the grave over the years.

As I stood in Pere Lachasise Cemetery last week, I expected the grave to look like it did back in the mid-80s.  That must be the way his grave was portrayed at the end of the Val Kilmer/Meg Ryan movie or in some documentary I watched in French class way back when about the cemetery.  Otherwise, I don’t know where I would have developed that image in my head.

Jim Morrison’s family more recently updated the gravestone to what you see today.  Understandably, crowds and vandalism surrounding Jim Morrison’s grave has been a source of frustration for the families of those who are buried near him.  I would certainly be very upset if folks wrote Doors lyrics on a family member’s grave as you see below on the right. A large barrier is now in place blocking off access to both Jim Morrison’s grave as well as several neighboring graves.  When I visited, signs were just added to the barricades.  This shot was the best I could manage from behind the barricades and around the nearby headstones and monuments.

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  1. Sage, actually, I’d love to reprint your entire blog post.

    • Do you mean like a reblog? Again, I really appreciate you asking! Feel free to do so along with a link to the original blog post on my site and adequate mention that the blog post is mine. Take care!

  2. My Music on Mondays post today was about Jim Morrison and The Doors.

  3. I have seen so many shots of JM’s grave, from different people, from different countries–and yet this one brought something new 🙂 Good job!


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