There are more than 700 rooms at Versailles.  Granted, not all of them are open to the public or part of the tour, but I hope you can forgive me for not remembering which room I was in when I snapped this photo.  It’s one of the most simple shots I took, but also one […]

Situated between the salon de la guerre to the north and the salon de la paix to the south, the Hall of Mirrors is perhaps the most famous room at Versailles.  Because mirrors were one of the most expensive items one could possess back in the 17th Century, it seems important to look past the aging surface of the mirrors […]

I just had to try to capture this little girl listening intently to the self-guided audio device at Versailles while peering out of an amazing palace and onto the even more amazing gardens on a gorgeous, summer day.  I’m not sure I did all that I should have from a lighting perspective.  I’m still learning […]

It must have been nice to be Marie-Antoinette.  Well, except for the inconvenience of the French Revolution and the beheading in Place de la Concorde.  But before then, she had her own lovely bedchamber in the main palace at Versailles as well as her own estate on the property. Here are three shots of her […]

Although we knew better, we visited Versailles on a Saturday.  The place was packed and the parking lot was completely full.  We finally found a parking place on a side road on the far west side of the Versailles estate, but that location required us to walk nearly the circumference of the estate to enter […]