And last, but not least, some photos of the fountains at Versailles.  There were originally 1,400 fountains on the property.  Today only 600 are still working.  An aqueduct was built to pump the necessary water onto the grounds to power the fountains at a rate of 1.6 million of gallons of water per hour.  In […]

Versailles has more than 2,000 acres of structured, French gardens.  The gardens include more than 200,000 trees, 50 fountains with 620 jets of water, and more than 210,000 flowers planted each year.  I’ve read that there were 200 gardeners who tended to the gardens back in the day, but I haven’t been able to find […]

Versailles is the “world’s largest royal domain” based upon a total area of 87.7 million square feet or more than 2,000 acres.  The palace itself is more than 721,000 square feet.  There are more than 210,000 flowers planted in the gardens of Versailles each year. You Might Also Enjoy: Versailles:  Hallway One Thing, Three Ways:  Marie-Antoinette’s […]

There are more than 2,000 statues at Versailles.  I didn’t catch the name of this one, but it’s to the right as you exit the interior tour of the palace and head out to the gardens.  It was one of my favorites. You Might Also Enjoy: One Thing, Three Ways:  Window Handles at Versailles Versailles: […]

It took more than 50 years to complete the construction of Versailles.  This is one of many beautiful hallways in the 700 room palace. You Might Also Enjoy: Versailles:  Learning About the Past One Thing, Three Ways:  Marie-Antoinette’s Bedchamber at Versailles