And last, but not least, some photos of the fountains at Versailles.  There were originally 1,400 fountains on the property.  Today only 600 are still working.  An aqueduct was built to pump the necessary water onto the grounds to power the fountains at a rate of 1.6 million of gallons of water per hour.  In order to conserve water, the King ordered just a few of the fountains on at a time as he walked through the garden.  Today, the fountains are only turned on during set times.  Luckily Saturdays during the summer is one of those times!

I cannot find my pamphlet with a detailed map of the gardens of Versailles, but fortunately found this online to help me piece everything back together.

Versailles Fountain Photo #1.  These little guys are part of the Water Parterre right outside the palace.  The purpose of these two, large, rectangular pools is to reflect light up into the Hall of Mirrors.

Versailles Fountain Photo #2.  One of many spectacular fountains set under a circular series of marble arches in the Colonnade Grove at Versailles.  

Versailles Fountain Photo #3.   The Enceladus Grove fountain at Versailles is a gilt-bronze sculpture showing Enceladus erupting from the earth and throwing rocks.  The fountain grove is cut into woodland and enclosed by trellis.  As the trellis is such an integral part of the fountain, I shot this pic through the trellis.

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