Guards’ rooms, like this one at Chateau d’Amboise, were used to control access to the level of the castle where the king lived. You Might Also Enjoy: One Thing, Three Ways:  The Exterior of Chateau d’Amboise Chateau d’Amboise:  St. Hubert Chapel

Dedicated to the patron saint of hunting, the St. Hubert Chapel at the Chateau d’Amboise also contains the grave of Leonardo da Vinci.  Da Vinci was a close friend of King Francois I, and legend has it that secret tunnels connect the Chateau d’Amboise with the Clos Luce Manor where Leonardo spent his final years […]

Of all the places we visited and of all the things we saw during the years we lived in Europe when I was a child, I can’t believe that my parents never took us to visit the chateaux of the Loire Valley.  I’ve been teasing my mom that it has become obvious to me that I […]