If you can only visit one castle in the Loire Valley, it should be Chateau de Chenonceau.  The Gothic and early Renaissance structure is gorgeous.  It’s nicely furnished to help illustrate what life was like at the castle, and the grounds are beautifully maintained.  Outside of Versailles, Chateau de Chenonceau is the most visited castle in France with nearly one million visitors a year.

To access the chateau, visitors must walk through the Grand Avenue of Plane Trees.  The wide, dusty path through the Grand Avenue of Plane Trees is so long that visitors must walk quite away down it before the chateau is visible directly ahead.

Here are three shots of the approach to Chateau de Chenonceau.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Grand Avenue of Plane Trees Photo #1.  While the tops of the trees aren’t even visible in this shot, I think it does a good job of illustrating both how tall the trees are and how long the avenue is based upon the people that look like specks at the end of the path.

Grand Avenue of Plane Trees Photo #2.  In North America, plane trees are known as sycamores.  They can grow as tall as 160 feet (50 meters) and are characterized by their scaling bark.  

Grand Avenue of Plane Trees Photo #3.  It would be fun to also take this shot in the fall as the leaves change colors.

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  1. Definitely one and three 🙂

  2. That last picture is really pretty 🙂

    • It’s hard to capture how large the trees and walkway were and how incredibly small it felt to be standing in that spot where I took that photo.

      • Taking it the way you did in that last photo was a good way of helping people see how you felt in that moment though 🙂

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