The farm at Chateau du Chenonceau includes Catherine de Medici‘s stables and a substantial vegetable and flower garden.  A large, 16th Century building at the entrance of the garden is now a floral workshop in which two full-time florists work year round to ensure fresh flower arrangements are ever-present in every room of the chateau.

Here are my three favorite shots from the garden.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Farm Photo #1.  This gorgeous 16th Century building is now a floral workshop.

Farm Photo #2.  Looking through a walkway in the building that contains the floral workshop over to a building across the walkway toward the stables.

Farm Photo #3.  These intensely colored flowers were toward the front of the expansive flower and vegetable garden and just begged me to take their photo with the floral workshop in the back.

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  1. It’s between one and three on this one

  2. Second one is my favorite!


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