The kitchen at Chateau du Chenonceau was perhaps the most remarkable kitchen of any castle, not only due to its size, but also for its views of the River Cher and how it was furnished.  While many chateaux don’t include the kitchen on the tour or show mostly unfurnished space, the kitchen at Chateau du Chenonceau was remarkably different.

The kitchen at Chateau du Chenonceau includes the biggest fireplace in the chateau, a dining room for chateau employees, a butchery, and a larder to store produce.  A bridge over the River Cher connects the pantry to the kitchen.  When you walk over the interior bridge, you can see the platform that was used to deliver produce and other goods directly to the pantry.

As with the Gallery, the kitchen played a key role during the world wars.  In WWI, the kitchen at the Chateau was set up with all the necessary modern equipment to turn the castle into a hospital.

Kitchen Photo #1.  The bread oven sits right next to the kitchen fireplace, the largest fireplace in the Chateau.

Kitchen Photo #2. The spot under the bridge connecting the pantry and the kitchen is called Diane’s Bath or the Queen’s bath.  In this space, boats would moor and deliver fresh goods to the kitchen.

Kitchen Photo #3.  I loved this view out onto the River Cher from one of the windows on the interior bridge connecting the pantry and kitchen.

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