As you exit Chateau du Chenonceau, you are faced with two options:  Diane de Poitier’s garden to your right or Catherine de Medici‘s garden to your left.  Diane de Poitier’s garden has more than one hundred types of hibiscus flowers that bloom in the summer and terrace walls covered with climbing roses.  Catherine de Medici’s garden is smaller and more refined.  It has five lawns that surround a circular pool and is filled with rose bushes, lavender hedges, and other colorful flowers.

Here are three shots of Chateau du Chenonceau from Catherine de Medici’s garden.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Garden Photo #1.  A view of the north side of Chateau du Chenonceau from Catherine de Medici’s garden.

Garden Photo #2.  I don’t know what these gorgeous orange and yellow flowers are in the foreground.  They look a bit like coneflowers, but I’ve only seen coneflowers come in purple. Whatever they are, they are gorgeous, and I wish there were a mess of them in Shutterbug Sage’s garden!

Garden Photo #3. A better view of one of the five blooming, manicured lawns in Catherine de Medici’s garden.

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  1. The first photo seems the most dramatic. And my favorite.

  2. #2 is my favorite – gorgeous flowers/colors, plus you can see the grandeur of the chateau in the background.

  3. Ooooo it reminds me of the days I wanted to be a princess 🙂 HAHA! So beautiful


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