There wasn’t really any detail about the dining room at Chateau d’Usse in the handout at the castle, but I thought it was one of the prettiest we saw in the Loire Valley.  I really love the butter-yellow walls with white trim, cranberry accents, and crystal chandelier.

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  1. Hi! Shutterbug Sage. I’ve nominated you for the “Tell Me About Yourself Award” for your artistic site and with cultural level. Of course, you are feel free to accept or not this award. Greetings.

    • Dear Joelle,

      While I am TRULY honored that you nominated me for the “Tell Me About Yourself Award,” in lieu of accepting any blogging awards, I prefer to maintain this page ( which is a selection of some of my favorite blogs, mostly about photography, but not entirely.

      As a small token of my appreciation for the award nomination, I’ve added your blog to the page. I hope you wil.l continue to visit my blog as you have time to learn seven things about me through my posts.

      P.S. Where in France were you born? How long did you live there? J’adore la belle France! 🙂


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