Legend has it that the Chateau d’Usse was the inspiration for Charles Perrault’s tale of Sleeping Beauty.  Today the spiral stairs of the towers allow you to peek in on rooms decorated from scenes from the story.

I’m not super pleased with these exterior shots of Chateau d’Usse.  My inexperience behind the camera and lack of Photoshop talent really shine through in these pics as I fought both the sun being in a bad spot and a lot of scaffolding on part of the castle.  That said, here are the three shots I felt best portrayed this chateau.  What do you think?  Any feedback for me?

Exterior of Chateau d’Usse Photo #1.  Standing in the courtyard of the Chateau d’Usse, you can see three different periods of architecture.  On the left is the 15th Century wing.  Ahead and to the right are Renaissance facades.  To the right is the pavilion built in 1690.

Exterior of Chateau d’Usse Photo #2.  From another tower, this shot was taken down the outside wall of the 15th Century wing.  These towers are set up with scenes from Sleeping Beauty.

Exterior of Chateau d’Usse Photo #3.  A view of the Chateau d’Usse from the gardens.

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  1. First one looks brilliant
    second one looks awesome
    Third one – spectacular

  2. Oh wow I love the story in this blog! So interesting! Thank you so much for sharing 😀


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