The Chateau Royal de Blois has four distinct wings around a single courtyard, each one corresponding to a distinct period and style:  Gothic, Flamboyant, Renaissance, and Classicism.  The 19th and 20th Century restorations complete the architectural history of the castle.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite shot below?

Chateau Royal de Blois Photo #1.  A peek at the courtyard from the entrance to the castle.

Chateau Royal de Blois Photo #2.  A view of the Francois I, or Renaissance, wing including the gorgeous staircase. 

Chateau Royal de Blois Photo #3.  A glimpse of the Louis XII wing which is Flamboyant in style.  The Fine Arts Museum is in this wing in the area that used to be the royal apartments.

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  1. I like the framing in the first shot.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the first and third , because of the column’s tracery

  3. Middle one for me. You can see more of the building

  4. Second one is definitely my favorite!

  5. What a beautiful Château, gorgeous and sumptuous ! I love these photos, the second one is so beautiful and I like the point of view of the first one, it’s a great composition !

  6. All your Paris adventures are just amazing, I don’t even know what to say they are breath taking 😀


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