Here are three more fleur-de-lis shots, all from the Chateau Royal de Blois. Fleur-de-Lis Photo #1.  A fleur-de-lis painted on the wall in the State Room. Fleur-de-Lis Photo #2.  A fleur-de-lis in one of the stained glass windows at the Saint-Calais Chapel. Fleur-de-Lis Photo #3.  Fleur-de-lis and Queen Anne of Bretagne’s ermine symbol on a […]

The Renaissance Wing of the Chateau Royal de Blois includes many ermines (Queen Anne of Bretagne’s symbol) and fire-breathing salamanders (King Francois I’s symbol).  Here is a favorite shot of each. You Might Also Enjoy: Close, Closer, Closest:  Throne in the State Room at the Chateau Royal de Blois Chateau de Chenonceau:  Catherine de Medici’s […]

In addition to offering an incredible view, the Foix Tower on the grounds of the Chateau Royal de Blois isn’t too shabby for its own photo op. You Might Also Enjoy: Blois:  View of Town One Thing, Three Ways:  View from the Minimes Tower

The grounds of the Chateau Royal de Blois includes the Foix Tower, an example of a 13th Century fortification.  The base of the Foix Tower offers a beautiful view of the town of Blois below. You Might Also Enjoy: One Thing, Three Ways:  Exterior of Chateau Royal de Blois Amboise:  The Town Giverny:  Houses in […]