While I didn’t always frame the shot in a way that eliminated the massive rail construction effort taking place to the left, the Town Hall in Tours, France was just such a gorgeous building.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite photograph below?

Tours Town Hall Photo #1.  The beautiful town hall of Tours.

Tours Town Hall Photo #2.  I’m still not very pleased with my ability to take night shots, but this one seemed to turn out okay.

Tours Town Hall Photo #3.  The lights on the water fountain in front of the Town Hall changed colors every so many minutes.  Red was one of the prettiest, in my opinion.

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Join the conversation! 10 Comments

  1. The last one. Those night shots are awesome

    • Thanks so much! I was just DELIGHTED that they halfway turned out. Shots in beautiful, natural light seem easy. Shots under any other conditions — especially when it’s dark — are still impossibly hard for me.

  2. Awesome night lighting shot.

  3. I love the night photography!

    • Thanks, Lindy! I’m just thrilled that a night shot FINALLY halfway turned out for me! They are tricky!

  4. AAAHHH!!! So beautiful at night!


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