I’m still not that confident about my night photography.  Even as I play with my camera settings and use a tripod (okay, this time it was a make-shift tripod along the seawall), my shots still look a bit more grainy and a bit less crisp than the others I see.  That said, these were my […]

As I took the Tube back to my hotel way, way out in the western suburbs of London, I spotted these blown-out sneakers on a fellow passenger and had to sneak a shot. You Might Also Enjoy: Other London Posts New Pointe Shoes Walking in My Shoes Twinkle Toes on a Hike

The Millennium Bridge is one of my favorites in London.  Built exclusively for pedestrians, it offers a gorgeous view of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  My son, who is not only a huge Harry Potter fan but also looks a bit like Harry, loves that it was featured in the sixth movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood […]

At the risk of sounding like a complete dork by sharing a third photo in less than a week that immediately plants a song in my head, here is St. Paul’s Cathedral.  And the song?  You guessed it:  Feed the Birds.  From Mary Poppins. This shot of the cathedral was taken from the Millennium Bridge. […]