I couldn’t identify this white flower along Shingle Creek, but thought it was gorgeous in the morning sunlight.   You Might Also Enjoy: October Flowers Giverny:  Flowers Florida:  Shingle Creek

Taken during a morning walk along Shingle Creek. You Might Also Enjoy: Florida:  Shingle Creek Florida:  Limpkin

Here is another bird native to the Everglades.  Based upon this page, I think this bird is a white ibis. You Might Also Enjoy: Florida:  Shingle Creek Florida:  Limpkin Blue Bird in the Backyard Paris:  A Pigeon High Up on the Roof of Sacre Coeur

Between the cypress trees lining Shingle Creek and the warnings to watch for alligators, I had a hard time getting very many shots of the Everglades’ water birds.  I’ve also had a hard time identifying the birds in the few, good shots I have by name. Based upon this image, I think this bird is […]

A month after my return, I’m finally through my photos from Europe.  Since I’ve continued to snap photos nearly every day, I have a backlog to share from a business trip to Florida, a trip to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, several long walks in the woods, a few new photos of my cats, and more. […]