I’m just starting to explore options, but do you think I have what it takes to sell some of my photography — either as prints or to a stock photography site?  Please take my one question poll and share your thoughts.

Please be honest!

Join the conversation! 30 Comments

  1. I voted definitely!

  2. Without a doubt! Your photos are magnificent.

  3. OK…here’s my consolidation of the three choices:
    keep up the good work
    I admire your spirit…
    I think that just like looking through the shutter and finding your subject, when you focus on a goal with clarity, it will manifest. Good luck.

  4. I voted definitely too. Your shots are always great. I don’t think all of them are so good so they can be sold, but quite a few are. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Inga! I feel I have grown a lot this year, and I know I have a long, long way to go, but I am having fun!

  5. Definitely look into a stock photography site at the very least.

    • Thanks, Amanda! I’ve got a lot to think about and am really appreciative of everyone’s honest feedback! 🙂

  6. I’ve been thinking about doing a poll like this.

  7. Looks like you’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on it! Good luck and just do what you want! You’re incredibly talented!

  8. Go for it. You never know until you try.

  9. I didn’t vote, but I think you should try. If it doesn’t work out that is fine, but know that you do lovely work even if it doesn’t work. Best of luck!

  10. Although I haven’t seen much yet, but loved everything I saw, I’d vote “Definitely”!!

    Sometimes I wonder and ponder the very same question… I’m registered on http://www.viewbug.com (my photos : http://www.viewbug.com/julieklene), a website for photographers, amateurs and professionals, I see splendid gorgeous photos and mine are sooooooo far from having what it takes; but once in a while, one of those professional photographers sees one of mine and gives it appreciation and recognition. It helps. I can sell directly from the page too (not that it has happened yet, but it’s a possibility). Have a look, if you want. Could be yet another way to share your work. None of the pictures can be copied out, and you can participate in photo contests brought by professionals.

    Happy shooting to you!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Jul’. Great advice, and I wasn’t already familiar with viewbug. I’ll check it out.

  11. There are many places where you can try to sell your work, such as Fine Art America (you don’t have to be from America), Zazzle, SmugMug. I have had only limited success with them. The problem is that in today’s world of cheap but good digital cameras, everyone things they are a professional photographer.

    • More good advice, and a dose of reality. I certainly don’t think I’m a professional, so I appreciate all of the talented folks giving me their honest feedback.

  12. I didn’t vote, but I think you should try. Good luck!

  13. Absolutely! You have some fabulous images. You are much more than an amateur. Robyn

  14. In my opinion selling a photo is very difficult. There are millions of images upon the web and most people simply would rather have the free stuff.

    That said there are plenty of free options to upload to, Redbubble and 500px for two, If you go into them with the assumption that you won’t sell a thing but you will get to see many wonderful pictures then what is there to lose?

    Just my opinion of course, I suspect luck has as much to do with it as anything.


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