Our office in Amsterdam is about 30 minutes southeast of the city center in a town called Naarden.  It’s a picturesque Dutch town right on the water, but perhaps best of all is that there is a marina just down the street from the office along a gorgeous walking path.  Since the sun doesn’t rise until after 8:00 this time of year, my night owl self had a perfectly easy time catching the marina at dawn.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite shot below?

Marina at Dawn Photo #1.

Marina at Dawn Photo #2.

Marina at Dawn Photo #3.

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  1. Sailboats, water, and a sunrise – my favourites!!! I’m not sure how far from Amsterdam it is, but if you are ever in the Netherlands again, try and see Volendam. It’s a little seaside town with old-fashioned boats and cute little shops. It was one of my favourite places in the Netherlands!!

    • Naarden is the other direction, but I had the chance to visit Volendam last year when I was in Amsterdam. It is such a beautiful seaside town!

  2. All three are really beautiful and peaceful images.

  3. Loved the first shot. Beautiful colors.

  4. The first one for me. I love the colours in the sky 🙂

  5. Great time of day for these shots 😀


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