After yet another lunch of frites in a little cafeteria on the square in Maastricht, I came across this wedding party outside of City Hall.

Wedding Photo #1.  The bride chats with guests outside City Hall while her photographer shoots cans tied to the “get-away vehicle,” a bicycle of course!

Wedding Photo #2.  After the ceremony, the bride and groom led all of their guests through the lovely streets of Maastricht behind a Carnaval-like drum line.  The whole city stopped and watched, took photos, cheered them on, and had a wonderful time celebrating with them.

Wedding Photo #3.  Another view of the Carnaval-like drum line marching through the city.

Wedding Photo #4.  I love this shot of the bride and some of her party guests as the drum line performed a few, final numbers at a restaurant where the wedding would continue for wedding guests only.

UPDATE November 20, 2011:  I stumbled across this blog post of someone who must have been standing right next to me as I shot my photos that Saturday in Maastricht!  (Be sure to scroll down to the photos near the end, and check out the videos!)

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  1. And there’s bikes in a couple of the pictures 😉

  2. I really love the first photo – it’s a great shot. I particularly like that you caught another photographer taking photos.

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate. 😀


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