Although it was Kansas City’s 83rd Plaza Lighting Ceremony, last night’s ceremony was a first for me and the kids.  I didn’t grow up here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA so the ceremony wasn’t part of our family’s Thanksgiving tradition.  Plus also, I don’t like crowds.  Or being cold.  But with a high of 70F yesterday and a sweet spot on the upper deck of a parking garage overlooking the stage, I was ready to give it a try.

While the spot we hung out in during the ceremony was ideal for that activity, it wasn’t the best spot to capture the Plaza at its holiday finest.  So for that I refer you to this shot from last January at the tail end of the 2011 Plaza when I first launched this blog.

Here are a few shots from yesterday.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Plaza Photo #1.  Inspired by the architecture of Seville, Spain, J.C. Nichols developed the Country Club Plaza in 1922.  It was the first  shopping center in the world to accommodate shoppers arriving by automobile.  

Plaza Photo #2.  One of the Plaza lights is in position and ready to be switched on for the 2012 holiday season at 6:50 pm.

Plaza Photo #3.  And here it is again once the lights are on for the holiday season.  I also like how this shot shows the swarms of people in the Plaza Streets.  An estimated 100,000 come out to participate in the Lighting Ceremony each year.  That’s about 5% of the entire metro population.

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    • Thanks! I’m hoping to carve out time to get back and take some landscape shots of the buildings lit up before they are turned off in January.

  1. Oooo love these close up shots! I think the first one might be my favorite, but the night shot of that bulb is pretty sweet 🙂


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