November 26, 2012

Paris: Smoking Kills

Many of my colleagues — not just in our Paris office, but throughout Europe — smoke.  They are adults capable of making their own decisions.  I don’t judge.  But, I do cherish every one of them and cigarettes are just really, really bad for you.

So it was not surprising when my lovely colleague, Isabelle, pulled out her cigarettes at the end of a lovely lunch of crepes at an outdoor cafe.  What was surprising was how “in your face” the warnings are on European cigarette cartons.  And just to be clear, this is the labeling on cigarettes in Switzerland where she purchased this pack, not in France.

Good thing there aren’t warning labels like that on my guilty pleasures.  Like Cheetos.  I can see it now, “The dangerously cheesy, overly processed, chemical-infused item you are about to enjoy may cause cancer.  Bon appetit!”

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  1. They’re fairly mild (excuse the pun). Look at Australia’s or Brazil’s warnings.

    • OMG! Those warning labels are strong enough that I wouldn’t even LOOK at a box of cigs if I lived in either Australia or Brazil. Wow! But once you’ve started, I wonder if these do much to aid a smoker in stopping? I truly believe that many of the folks I know who smoke want to stop but can’t rise above its power.

  2. That’s quite the message. And yet, it doesn’t seem to have any effect, does it?

  3. LOL awesome! The Cheetos remark was hilarious! HAHA


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