November 28, 2012

Florida: Shingle Creek

A month after my return, I’m finally through my photos from Europe.  Since I’ve continued to snap photos nearly every day, I have a backlog to share from a business trip to Florida, a trip to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, several long walks in the woods, a few new photos of my cats, and more.

To kick off the shots from Orlando, Florida, here is a shot of Shingle Creek.  Shingle Creek is the northernmost part of the Everglades watershed.  The cypress trees that line the banks of the Creek were used to make wood shingles back in the 19th Century, giving this part of the protected wetlands its name.

What do you think?  To get this shot, I had to leave the trail (which was against the warnings about alligators) and climb down into a swampy area that was muddier than I anticipated.

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  1. I have enjoyed following your blog! You have a wonderful way of expressing the joy of life through your photography. Thank you…

  2. Gorgeous photo, but you really should have heeded the warning.

  3. Ooooo I’m so excited to see all the adventures you’ve been! I think the danger you put yourself in was completely worth it! HAHAHA! Great shot Shutterbug!

    • It wasn’t THAT dangerous in that spot. Or else I wouldn’t have done it!

      • HAHAHA I was hoping it wasn’t 😛 I went and took some waterfall pictures recently with my hubby and I was so stubborn on where I wanted to be. I got to a point where I had to have him hold me so I wouldn’t fall so I can get the shot I wanted HAHA! Oh what we do for good shots 😛

      • Wow! I can’t wait to see those shots! I’m a bit behind on the blogs I read, so if you’ve already posted them, please shoot me the link. Otherwise, I’ll be extra sure to keep an eye out for the post!

      • No not yet. I’m still trying to finish up on our road trip pictures back in October! HAHA! I can’t wait to hear what people think of them! So I might not get to the falls pictures for a while lol

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