December 11, 2012


While most Americans start decorating for Christmas in conjunction with the Thanksgiving weekend, I usually procrastinate until the last minute.  And by last minute, I mean that December 23rd could easily be the date.  But this year I managed to get my tiny bit of decorating done already.  Yay, me!


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  1. You remind me of friends of ours … they bought their (real) tree on Dec. 24 last year. The advantage – it was half off of half off! I just got my decorations up this weekend so I’m a bit behind, too.

    • Yes, that is an advantage I know well! 🙂 We have since adopted a more European approach — a small tree on a table rather than a real eight footer. Some years we’ve gone with fresh potted table top trees that can be planted in the yard afterward. Now we just have two small, three foot trees up on a coffee table. Scott jokingly refers to them as “The Twin Towers.” Considering how Cali and Canyon have been batting the ornaments off of it, I’m thankful there’s nothing big for them to climb! 🙂

  2. So pretty. I love this one

  3. i love ornament shots! It’s really pretty 🙂


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