December 18, 2012

Kansas City at Night

The view from the base of the Liberty Memorial is one of the best in the City.  In the distance on the left are the four artistic pylons designed by R. M. Fischer atop Bartle Hall with the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts lit up directly in front.  To the right of those landmarks, the taller buildings of downtown spread across to the right.  In the foreground, aglow in red lights for the Holidays, is Union Station.

KC at Night_edited-1

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  1. I had a friend at University who came from KC. When she returned to the states she was living in Florida and invited me to visit. I got to spend some time in the sunshine state but we then drove to Kansas city to stay with her parents in Mission Hills for a week. I got to see the Royals play baseball, visit the Plaza at night and enjoy sunday brunch at the country club. For a youngster from the UK it was like stepping into the movies. One of the few pictures I have of the city is this view only taken in the daytime. You live in a great city and one I’d like to visit again one day. Your pictures have brought back some great memories so thank you for that. 🙂

    • Dear Chillbrook, thanks for sharing such great memories about my adopted home town. While many folks think less of the Midwest — less cosmopolitan, no beach or mountains — I think Kansas City has a lot to offer. Big enough, but small enough. Lots of culture and opportunities. A population that is predominantly educated and well-traveled. All with good-natured, honest, hard-working folks in an environment that is more affordable than the coasts and in some respects, safer. I’m so glad you enjoy the KC pics!

  2. That is really beautiful 😀 Love the colors!


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