The Children’s Fountain is not only one of Kansas City’s largest fountains, but is also one of just a handful located north of the Missouri River.  The six bronze figures of children are busy being kids engrossed in activities like  jumping, dancing, and playing ball.  When I visit this fountain, I immediately think of the Von Trapp children from The Sound of Music and the scene where Maria gets them out of their uniforms and into play clothes she made from some old curtains.  Anyone else see that in this fountain?

Another challenge I faced trying to capture this fountain is the busy street full of car dealerships if I shot the children head on.  I’d like to go back and try that angle again, perhaps when my Photoshop skills are at a level when I can easily remove them as a distraction from the background.

Childrens Fountain 2_edited-1

Childrens Fountain_edited-1

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    • Oh, Lindy, that is an awesome shot from an awesome angle! I don’t know how I missed this shot on your blog, but it’s fantastic! The comments were closed on your site, so I’m excited to have this venue.

  1. I like the second shot the best.

  2. Delightful. I like the DOF in the 2nd shot

    • Thanks, Mona. I’m looking forward to another chance with this fountain this spring. It would be fun to get a similar shot of each of the other children if the sun, car dealerships, and water spray cooperate! 🙂

  3. Love it, what a great idea for a fountain. 🙂

    • It’s one of the prettiest in Kansas City, in my opinion. The only bummer is that the shot of the kids from the front is full of car dealerships in the background. I wish there was more park around it!


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