Tonight my alma mater is playing in the 42nd Annual Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona.  A few years ago, my middle daughter made me this picture of a black cat standing on a snowy hill looking out into a deep purple background.  She painted the snow and background and then applied the black cat using torn paper.  It hangs in […]

You’ve seen the barn by Lake Lenexa in March before things greened up from last winter and in May at sunset.  Here it is in winter with snow on the ground. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite shot of the barn, March, May, or Snow? You Might Also Enjoy: Barn by Lake […]

Back in August, a fellow photoblogger from Utah said that a shot I took of a thistle going to seed “is what photography is all about.”  I thought about Melanie from One Stop Closer when I drove past the same field and saw the dry remains of wildflowers now covered in fresh snow. When I showed the […]