January 3, 2013

Go ‘Cats!

Tonight my alma mater is playing in the 42nd Annual Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona.  A few years ago, my middle daughter made me this picture of a black cat standing on a snowy hill looking out into a deep purple background.  She painted the snow and background and then applied the black cat using torn paper.  It hangs in my home office next to my diplomas because it reminds me of my alma mater’s mascot (a wildcat) and school color (Royal Purple).

On a related note, did  you know that Kansas State University is on par with Harvard and Syracuse in that it has only one official color?  Take that rival University of Kansas with your crimson and blue!

Black Cat_edited-1

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  1. I’m from Oregon, so I’m going to have to say “Go, Ducks!” Very cute cat picture.

    • As you should, if you’re from Oregon! 🙂 Congratulations on your Fiesta Bowl win tonight! (And thanks for the kind words about my daughter’s art!)


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