In 2012, I took a ridiculous number of photos at Lake Lenexa, from people on the water to bridges, from ducks to deer.  Here are three of my favorite shots from a walk around the lake on a snowy, winter day.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite shot below?

Lake Lenexa in Snow 1_edited-1

Lake Lenexa in the Snow Photo #1.  I like the way the bare trees reflected into the grey, winter water.

Lake Lenexa in Snow 2_edited-1

Lake Lenexa in the Snow Photo #2.  Both the northwest and the southwest sides of the lake have a bunch of very tall trees growing deep in the water.  This shot is of the northwest side of the lake.

Lake Lenexa in Snow 3_edited-1

Lake Lenexa in the Snow Photo #3.  Our temperatures haven’t been consistently below freezing just yet and the snow was very wet which meant that the roads and paths stayed clear of snow for some time.  Just a few months ago, the area to the right was full of fragrant, purple stock.

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Join the conversation! 23 Comments

  1. Definitely the first one 🙂

  2. It’s #1 again for me – absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. The monochromatic format works really well. Contrast is heightened and each has a decided appeal.

  4. I like the first one for the reflection, but my favorite is the third one because the water looks like a path through the woods.

    • Photo #1 seems to be the stand-out favorite. In shot #3 that actually is a path through the woods around the lake. 🙂

  5. Gorgeous shots. I like the last one best, the road leads you deeper into the photo.

  6. Great shots. I can see why they qualify as favorites. The first shot is my favorite of the three. Nice tones and overall composition 🙂

  7. It looks so peaceful. They are all wonderful, but I think I like no 3 the best. 🙂

  8. Love it! Have a lovely 2013!

  9. Gorgeous! I like number 3 the best.

  10. Buuuurrrrr lol! I do like the second picture best thought I think 🙂

  11. I like the one of the road–there’s some mystery there. All are beautiful.


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