The good thing about walking around taking photos in a snow storm with rapidly dropping temperatures is that all of the animals seem to be moving a bit slower.  Take this hawk, for example.  In all of my attempts last year, I could never get a good, clear shot of a bird of prey.  My camera is not that fancy.  I’m still learning as a photographer.  And birds of prey are pretty hard to sneak up on.

This guy was willing to stay put long enough for me to get as close as I could and zoom in as far as I could in the waning light and blowing snow to get this shot.  As best as I can tell, this is a red-shouldered hawk.  If anyone can confirm or correct me, that would be great!

In other news, check out these two beautiful bird shots from fellow photo blogger Suzanne over at A Window Into the Woods.  The second one in particular is just amazing!


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  1. Beautiful capture of this bird… I am not up on my hawks either,, but it looks like the red shouldered!

  2. I think most of us would be pleased to get such a shot….not just the hawk but the habitat and atmospheric weather. Cannot give you an identity as we tend to have different names in the U.K. for what appear similar Hawks here, but if the size is as I imagine we would call this a Kestrel…but neither am I an expert

  3. Great shot! Love the snow on the tree.

  4. great shot! that’s amazing he did not fly away. are you the ‘hawk whisperer”?

  5. First of all…awesome shot!! Love it!! Secondly, Thanks so much for the mention!
    I’m glad you liked the image 🙂


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