Last spring, the blue eggs in the nest in our front tree mysteriously disappeared one-by-one.  Finn over at The Naturephile suggested that squirrels might be stealing the eggs.  Considering that all of the bird houses along the trails and in the parks around here have spikes like these to keep squirrels away, I think he’s right. […]

Last spring I shot a barn near my house when the grass was green and puffy, white dandelions dotted the foreground.  (See the second barn in this post.)  It looked just as pretty, but very different, when I drove past it covered in snow. What do you think? You Might Also Enjoy: Broken Down Barns […]

I’m really hoping to improve my indoor and artificial light photography in 2013.  This photo doesn’t do her justice, but my oldest daughter just looked so pretty in this dark, red color with her side braid that I had to try. You Might Also Enjoy: Gigi Leap Day:  Part I 2013:  A Look Ahead