After a picnic lunch at Loose Park and a brief bit of tailgating, my youngest daughter and I took a walk around the duck pond at Loose Park on an unseasonably warm day last Saturday.  The pond was full of Canada geese and mallard ducks, all of which are ridiculously friendly due to the amount of bread and other human food they are given despite well-marked “do not feed” signs.

Here are three of my favorite shots of the Canada geese.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below?

Goose 1_edited-1

Canada Goose Photo #1.  Sizing us up for food.

Goose 2_edited-1

Canada Goose Photo #2.  Swimming through the last remains of thin ice on the pond.

Goose 3_edited-2

Canada Goose Photo #3.  Posing under the trees.

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  1. definitely number one … the little circle of ripples where water has dripped from his beak … beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you! There was another shot with more water action, but all in all I liked this one best. The ducks and geese on the pond were all super photogenic that afternoon!

  2. I like the reflection in #3!

    • Finally a way that all the naked trees and dreary winter colors look beautiful right now, reflected in the water to frame this goose. 🙂

  3. I like the last one best for the clarity, the reflection of the goose and the trees, and the circles in front of the goose.

  4. I love the reflection in the water that you got in the last one! That one is my favorite 🙂 I didn’t know there were Canada geese! Always learning something lol

  5. My favourite is no 1 because of the light and the reflection. 🙂


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