One of the photography goals I set for myself in 2013 is to take some formal classes to help me get to the next level.  I’m especially interested in improving my confidence shooting without the manual or pre-set settings as well as improving my indoor shots.  I had a chance to take a “beyond the basics” class last Monday night, and just felt so energized and ready to tackle the manual settings on my camera.

Here is a series of shots where the ISO was set at 800 (it was an overcast day within 30 minutes of sunset) and the aperture was set at a constant 5/6.

What do you think?  Would you have selected a different ISO?  What about aperture?  Are there other exercises I should push myself to complete?  

I’m thinking of doing the same exercise with a constant ISO and shutter speed and playing with the aperture to continue to get comfortable moving all three needles to take beautiful shots in manual mode.


Bridge Bolt Photo #1.  1/30s.


Bridge Bolt Photo #2.  1/40s.


Bridge Bolt Photo #3.  1/50s.


Bridge Bolt Photo #4.  1/60s.


Bridge Bolt Photo #5.  1/80s.


Bridge Bolt Photo #6.  1/100s.



Bridge Bolt Photo #7.  1/125s.


Bridge Bolt Photo #8.  1/160s.


Bridge Bolt Photo #9.  1/200s.

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  1. Good for you taking a course! I am just learning all this stuff too and now use Manual mode all the time. It’s not near as hard as I thought it would be, but I still have a great deal to learn. I think I like bridge bolt #8 the best :).

  2. I find that when I do that, mine come out waaaaay too bright. I find it is so bright that I can’t make anything out of it. But I am getting there. Well done for taking the course.

  3. What course – I have taken a few and love doing things like this where I take the same pic at different settings.

    • The basics course I just took and the Photoshop/Lightroom one coming up are through Kevin Keith Photography locally. The one I’m taking online that has a class a month all year is through 365 Prompt. If you want specific details, just shout!

  4. Wow that actually helped me a lot! HAHA! I’m also learning about those settings on my camera and I’m always afraid I’m doing them wrong, I try to change them and take the same photos but I don’t see differences, lol! I’m still so new I think. But seeing the difference is brilliant! Keep it up! I’ll be learning with you! HAHA

  5. my eyes like #8. happy exercising 🙂

  6. Great exercise. I like those that are a bit darker because of better contrasts. Those with shutter speed 1/60 and 1/80 are great. Next time it would be nice with a fixed shutter speed, but changes in aperture. 🙂


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