January 26, 2013

Grand Canyon of Kansas

But isn’t Kansas fairly flat?  

Oh, please read on…

Our pumpkin kitty has a brother who is a tuxedo cat.  Apparently his black and white markings made it look like he was truly dressed up in a tuxedo, so his foster family named him Grand.  Once that was all settled, they tried to come up with a name for the kitten we eventually adopted.

The foster mom told the story like this, “So the black and white kitten is Grand, what should we name the pumpkin kitten?  What is a good name that goes with Grand?”

Her kids replied in unison, “Canyon!”

We loved the name and our pumpkin kitty remains a spirited half of the Grand Canyon today.

So while:

this is my contribution…


You’re welcome!

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Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. Well, your Canyon is obviously Grand!

  2. HAHAHA So clever! I love this story, was very curious of the name before lol! Such a sweet kitty 🙂


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