I’m continuing to build on my 2013 photography goals by taking an online class with Capture Your 365.  There is one lesson each month that culminates in that one, perfect photo that is shared with the class and discussed during a monthly webinar.

This month’s project is One Half.  As Capture Your 365 instructor Katrina Kennedy states, “It makes me think of absence.  Half in the frame and half out.  The absent half of the frame creates interest.  It creates a mood of drama.  We are forced to fill in the gap of what is missing, and our minds seem ready to do that.”

Here are some of the One Half shots I’ve taken for this month’s assignment, in alphabetical order.  Can you help me out by voting for your favorite before the end of January so I can upload the winner as my submission for this month?


One Half Photo #1.  Apple.

Bench copy

One Half Photo #2.  Bench in the Woods.


One Half Photo #3.  Birch by the River.

Blue Eyes_edited-1

One Half Photo #4.  Blue Eyes.


One Half Photo #5.  Egg.


One Half Photo #6.  Frappuccino.

Green Eyes_edited-1

One Half Photo #7.  Green Eyes.


One Half Photo #8.  Jump.


One Half Photo #9.  Puddle.


One Half Photo #10.  Tree.

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Join the conversation! 16 Comments

  1. That Jumping one looks like fun. I might try it myself.

  2. After much changing of minds, I went for the green eyes. They are brilliant shots.

  3. I like them all, but the jump one caught my attention the most.

  4. The apple. By far. It satisfies the theme on so many levels.

  5. I like them all Sage but the apple is definitely the winner for me.

  6. I had a hard time deciding between Jump and Puddle haha! But the little joy I get seeing Jump, I just had to pick that one 🙂 Makes me smile!

    • Those were two of my favs, also. I ended up putting the top four into the gallery: apple, egg, jump, and puddle. Several folks had shared more than one shot. My biggest hesitation with apple was that several other folks had done something like that, and while I liked that shot, I wanted something different to submit. We’ll see how it goes when we have our class webinar in early February!

  7. I voted for The Puddle, but it was a tough call. I love the apple, the blue eyes and the egg too. 🙂

    • I ended up submitting the top four after I saw several classmates sharing more than one photo. That included: apple, egg, jump, and puddle.


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