When I started my photoblog last year, the A to Z posts were some of the most well received.  In 2013, my goal is to post a “My Favorite Photos from A to Z” post at the end of each month to share some of my favorite shots from other photobloggers from around the world.

So here goes January…

A – Afternoon Snack

B – Bird One, Bird Two and  Behind the Water Drop

C – Cat Watching New Year’s Eve PreparationsCanne, and  Curiosity

D – Desde el Suelo

E – Essence and Espionage

F – FlightFisherman, and Foggy Night

G – Glimmer in the Tunnel

H – Hands Holding Star

I – I AMsterdamIt Will Lead Where It Will LeadIcy Love, and Idaho Winter Road

J – Jackson Square and Joshua Tree

K – Ko Pha Ngan (Island Paradise)

L – Living by the Sea

M – Montana Forest Morning

N – Norwegian Wood

O – Observation and Odd Man Out

P & Q – Pale Pink Rose and Peek a Boo, Eye See You

R – Rocky Shore

S – Shopping for ChristmasSunset Over the Lakes, and Swing in the Winter Sun

T – Two Swans

U –  UFOs?

V – Vermilion Lakes

W – WatchingWalkingWoody Woodpecker with Whiskers, and Want some art?

X, Y and Z – Yukon Bird Gang and Yuyuan Garden District at Night

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  1. Wow, how nice to be on your list with my Woody Woodpecker with Whiskers! Thanks, It’s an honor!! Sally

  2. Lovely selection! Thank you so much for including me!! xo

  3. You’ve created an interesting A to Z link list!

  4. Thank you so much for choosing my “Cat watching New Year’s Eve preparations”!!

  5. This was fabulous! Through your post I discovered several new photographers to follow. Thank you! Always appreciate inspiration!

    • I am so glad it helped you connect with some new photographers! That’s one of the things I hope this monthly recap will do!

  6. Thank you for adding me to your list 🙂

  7. Wow! That’s an amazing collection of beautiful blogs. And I feel like someone standing on stage accepting an award…and saying “it’s an honor to be included with this amazing group of people.” 🙂 Thanks my friend. Through your list, I’ve found a whole lot of beautiful people whose work I can now admire and follow.

  8. Thanks for adding my photo “Rocky Shore” to your list!

  9. Fabulous list, I’m so delighted and honored to be on it (Ko Pha Ngan) !!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  10. Thanks for including me! It’s actually a really great way to help other bloggers connect, too. You’re fabulous.

    • After looking through all of your favs, it appears you have a particular fondness for birds! There are so many beautiful photos of birds out there, now I want to try bird photography a bit more. If I have the patience…

      • LOL! I didn’t notice that about the birds! It must be the awe I have for folks who are able to get such quick-moving, small creatures captured so beautifully!

  11. COOL!! Thank you for mentioning my Blog!

  12. Cool to be in your list !!!
    Now I need to see all your other favorite photos !! 🙂
    Thank you !!!

  13. Thanks again for including my photo among all these great ones. 🙂


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