My middle daughter and I enjoyed a nice, long walk along a portion of the Mill Creek Streamway Park Trail last weekend.  There are two tunnels like the ones below that take the trail under the railroad tracks.  I had fun playing with the silhouettes and lighting as we walked.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite shot below?

Tunnel 1_edited-1

Tunnel Photo #1.  A couple walks along the trail.


Tunnel 2_edited-1

Tunnel Photo #2.  A cyclist passes a pedestrian.


Tunnel 3_edited-1

Tunnel Photo #3.  This shot makes it look like aliens are beaming up my daughter.

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  1. The third is my favorite of this series.

  2. The third one is definitely my favourite! However, the first one would have been right up there too if they were actually holding hands :).

  3. caught between two.. the first one says “out of the darkness into the light” and I like your interpretation of the third one as well.

    • Yeah, we can’t stop giggling about how she looks as if she’s being beamed up by aliens in the third shot. 🙂

  4. Big light on the end of a short tunnel is better than small one on the end of a long one…

  5. I’m torn between one and three. But I think three gets it by a smidge

  6. I would have to go for #3. I liked #1 too . . . it would have been nice if they were holding hands. 🙂

  7. #3 is my favorite! you daughter looks like an angel and I love that she’s going towards something that is so bright and beautiful. it’s an awesome picture of Hope. thanks for sharing!

  8. #3 is my fav too! Love the “spot light” on her. Awesome!


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