Gigi had so much fun being a model last Sunday.  Here are three of my favorite shots of the photographers working with her.

Photo 2_edited-1 FINAL

Posing Photo #1.  I loved this cotton candy-colored dress from ReDoux Fashions on her.

Photo 3_edited-1

Posing Photo #2.  This room was the most wonderful color of red with a fleur de lis backdrop that was gorgeous.

Photo 6_edited-1

Posing Photo #3.  I couldn’t choose between this shot and the “bonus pic” below.  Which do you prefer, Gretchen smiling or Gretchen with her fashion model pout?  

Photo 7_edited-1

Posing Bonus Pic.  While she looks beautiful when she smiles, there’s something more sophisticated about the pouty look, especially in a dress like this.  

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  1. Thank you so much, nice photos

  2. I like them all. She’s a purdy gal. I like her smile, but she does seem uncomfortable while smiling.

  3. Love the first one! Blessings, Robyn

  4. Love that you got her smiling 🙂 And great angles! Love the shots of the people taking the shots! HAHA! Always clever

  5. Beautiful! I like the one of her smiling!

  6. Beautiful shots. I love the first one. Looks like you had some fun, too.


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